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Your Access to the Start-up Nation

the rise of Israel in the global technology market, it’s second only to Silicon Valley in tech start-ups

2invest Capital Allows you to be part of the success of the world's leading start-up nation, no management fees, no risks.

we funded mutual fund that target number of potential companies, such as......

we giving you the option to become a participant in the private fund and be part of the success, thank to the trust of the participant of the fund we succeed to increase the fund value and insrease the holds in those Startups companies. 


2invest Capital team of experts carried out a comprehensive review of the companies with the highest potential for high profit exit and in the lowest risk.

8% *


High possibility of an EXIT up to 1000% on the investment in the next 6 years


$25,000 USD


Returns Table:


   Capital                     Annual Returns          


* Returns from the activities income of      the Startup companies 

"The West needs innovation; Israel's got it" write Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) Adjunct Senior, in Start-Up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle. They note that Israel produces more start-up companies on a per capita basis than Japan, China, India, Korea, Canada, and all of Europe, and that "after the United States, Israel has more companies listed on the NASDAQ than any other country in the world."

Thanks to a string of big exits over the past few years, Israel’s technology companies are moving the country from a startup nation to an exit nation.
With nearly $20 billion in exits through mergers and acquisitions and public offerings, 2014 was an all-time record year for the Israeli hi-tech industry, compared with a mere $2.2 billion raised in 2013, according to a PwC report for 2014. The exits were spread out between a variety of tech industries, including Internet, IT, life sciences, communications and semiconductors.
Semiconductors had a 38% of the share, but just one semiconductor IPO out of the 18 in total. The road accident avoidance technology developer MobilEye raised $1.023 billion in its August IPO, a record an Israeli company.
As for new giant exits emerging, most argue that Israel’s hi-tech diversity is its strength.

And more international companies are beginning to take notice of Israel’s technological strengths. In fact, 2014 ended with a news item that might indicate China’s increasingly hefty presence in the Israeli hi-tech sector. Last year might be remembered as the time when Chinese technology companies embraced Israeli startups in a big way.

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